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Stellenausschreibung: Senior Lecturer ohne Doktorat

An unserem Institut ist die Stelle einer/eines Senior Lecturer neu zu besetzen. Weitere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte der offiziellen Stellenausschreibung.

Wir gratulieren!

Frau Dr. Kirsten von Elverfeldt ist seit kurzem eine von drei SprecherInnen von geomorph.at sowie Mitglied des Vorstands des geographieverband.at.

Erdwissenschafts- olympiade in Thailand

Bei der internationalen Olympiade für Jungendliche im Mittelschulalter (IESO) im August in Thailand haben 2 Schülerinnen für Kärnten Gold geholt. Dr. Kirsten von Elverfeldt war als Mentorin und Trainerin mit dabei. Das Interview von Radio Kärnten mit den Gewinnerinnen finden Sie hier.


Current Research Projects

Here we provide a brief overview of our current research activities. If you would like to see additional details for any of our projects, please navigate to the relevant research page by clicking on the name of the person.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions, or if you require any additional information.

Research Focus: Relationship between society, individual and environment

Research Focus: (Spatial) Self-organisation and self-reference in social and natural systems

Research Focus: Sustainability and issues surrounding the viability of a sustainable society
  • Book project: On the role of science in a forward-planning society
    (Heike Egner, jointly with Martin Schmid)
  • Relationships between society, individual and environment from the perpective of system theory and complexity theory
    (Heike Egner and Kirsten von Elverfeldt)

Research Focus:
Environmental and ecological systems

Research Focus: Regional Studies and the Alps-Adriatic Region

  • Territorial cohesion and European corridors. A comparative analysis of two border areas
  • Border Areas in an Enlarged Europe. A Comparative Study about the Czech-Polish and Austrian-Slovenian Border Areas

Research Focus: Geographical risk research

  • On the construction of spatial aspects of risks and securities
    (Heike Egner, jointly with Andreas Pott)
  • Communicating Disaster
    (Heike Egner, jointly with Jörg Bergmann and Volker Wulf)
  • Book project: Learning from Calamities. Interpretative Patterns and Practices of Communication on Disasters and Catastrophes
    (Heike Egner, jointly with Martin Voss)
  • Integrating fate analysis and risk assessment of pesticides with decision-making models in a rural area. funded by the Swiss National Foundation (48 months). Leader: Prof. Claudia Binder, UZH. Teamwork: University of Zurich (Switzerland) and Universidad de Boyaca (Colombia).
    (Glenda Garcia Santos)
  • Life cycle human exposure and risk assessment of pesticide application on agricultural products. within the program Research partnership with developing countries, funded by the Swiss National Foundation. Leader: Prof. Stefanie Hellweg, ETH-Z. Teamwork: ETH-Zurich, University of Zurich (Switzerland), Universidad Nacional and Universidad de Boyaca (Colombia).
    (Glenda Garcia Santos)
  • PhD C. Mosquera Vivas. Supervisor(s): Prof. Dr. Jairo Arturo Dallos, Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Dr. Glenda Garcia-Santos, Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt
    (Glenda Garcia Santos)


Research Focus: Citation Patterns within Geography


Research Focus: Hydrology

  • The importance of fog in Marsabit Forest, northern Kenya 
    Dr. Aida Cuni Sanchez, CMEC University of Copenhagen, Prof. Sampurno Brujinzeel, King’s College London, Vrije University Amsterdam, Dr. Glenda Garcia-Santos, Alpen-Adria-University Klangenfurt


Research Focus: Remote Sensing & Biodiversity

  • Assessing product requirements for the scientific exploitation of the Sentinel missions. funded by the European Space Agency (ESA)
    (Glenda Garcia Santos)
  • Mapping of plant functional groups of subalpine and alpine grassland ecosystems using airborne imaging spectroscopy and soil-vegetation-atmosphere radiative transfer modelling. funded by the Hyper-I-Net project and the RSL from University of Zurich.
    (Glenda Garcia Santos)





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